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Among all the subjects that are taught in U.S. elementary schools, personal finance is often overlooked. That trend started way back in the 1940s, when U.S. government officials determined that schools and teachers were poorly equipped to deal with the complexities of the post-war economic boom.... [read more]
Young adults who discuss money with their parents are more likely to have a budget, an emergency fund and a retirement account, a new T. Rowe Price study says. Still, when it comes to being an adult, most feel unprepared to deal with real-world finances. That's why talking to your kids... [read more]
The U.S. school system may not provide students the formal financial education they need, but parents can still teach financial literacy at home. America's schools aren't making the grade, if you ask the Council for Economic Education. The organization's mission is to help teach personal finance... [read more]
April is Financial Literacy Month, so we’re a bit ahead of ourselves here, but already the news about financial knowledge in the nation’s public schools is, for the most part, not good. That’s according to the newly released 2018 Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our... [read more]